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Tastes Just Right
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Serving passionate, authentic export quality hand roasted coffee to kenyans

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Cooked Meals

Your daily dose of delicious prepacked home style cooked meals

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Satisfy your cravings with our sweet savory handcrafted baked goods

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Our Story

Foodscape History

In 1999 a single kitchen had a dream. A dream to be the makers, bakers, crafters and creators of foods and beverages that you know and love. A dream to create countless memories of families and friends connecting over delicious, nutritious and affordable food products.

20 years later Foodscape proudly achieved this legacy while being grounded in leadership, trust, care towards the community, employees and planet.

Our purpose, process and system are inspired by sustainability and innovation. We are committed to forging a future where quality food products are accessible to our customers come rain or shine

Our Process

Our passion for quality goes beyond taste

For 22 years it’s always been about reliability and trust. And that means delivering delicious, safe and high-quality products to our customers and consumers

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Our Sustainable Approach


Our focus is on empowering people, to develop a planet that enables us to make a profit with a purpose

We believe that we all play a role in stewarding and protecting our environment, our community, and our people. How we act (or fail to act) today will have a lasting impact on our tomorrow. We believe that a supported and engaged community- partnered with a healthy environment- is a core ingredient for creating a business positioned for long term success

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Our Products

Know where your products are made

Consumers are searching for healthier food options across every category – from prepared foods. to restaurants, foodservice and more

For us that means simple, recognizable ingredients. Clean label food, free of additives and artificials that deliver a fresher, better-for-you food experience, without compromising on taste

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